Planet Blitz
By Team 404

Planet Blitz

Planet Blitz is a top-down bullet hell game, full of high-paced action and anticipation. The player plays as a Nature Spirit, who is tasked with defending all of the inhabitants of the forest from harm as alien robot forces invade. Defending all of the diverse towns against all of the different enemy waves is key to both your own and the forest's survival.
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Team 404

Team 404 is a team comprised of first year IGAD students. We are a combination of 1 producer, 4 designers, 5 programmers and 4 artists, all trained in their own disciplines throughout the year and full of excitement to deliver this project to the masses. As a team, we value a continuous feedback culture and always strive to improve our ways when it comes to team communication and game development. The team was founded on 2017-08-05 for a school project at the NHTV IGAD-department, with the name ''Team 404'' being chosen to highlight all of the issues we have had with game crashes over the course of the game's development. However, despite our lack of experience causing development errors such as these, we are proud of the game we have been able to deliver in such a short time frame. We sincerely hope you enjoy our work!

The Crew




Enviromental Shot
The death screen
Enviromental Shot
Overview of HUD and gameplay
Enviromental Shot


The team reflecting on the project
The team celebrating our first victory.
Playing our own game during the showcase day.

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